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Conditions of Use

G.Liem / gliem.id is offered to you, the user, as is and conditional upon your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy contained herein that apply to any page or section of the Site. (to learn more about our Privacy Policy, please click here)


Your use of this site constitutes your agreement to all Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy without limitation or qualification. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree, you must exit this site immediately and discontinue any use of any part of this site.

Modifications of the Site

G.Liem / gliem.id reserves the right to change, modify, alter, update or discontinue any part of this Site including Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, links, contents, information, prices, products and any parts thereof, at any time and from time to time without notice or further obligation to you.

We have the right to adjust prices at any time. If for some reason, there might have been price differences, G.Liem has the right to amend or refuse your order. By transacting, you have agreed to be bound by such modifications, alterations or updates.


This Site is owned and operated by G.Liem. Unless otherwise specified, all materials on this Site, trademarks, service marks, logos, images and contents are the property of G.Liem and are protected by the copyright laws of Indonesia and throughout the world by the applicable copyright laws.

No materials published by G.Liem on this Site, in whole or in part, maybe copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any form or by any means without prior written permission from G.Liem.

Registration / Sign-Up

You must be registered to this Site to make transactions. You may receive emails about on-going special offers and will be able to earn & accumulate reward points for every single transaction made on this Site. Please click here to learn more about our reward point program.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any username and password that you choose to access your account. You will not misuse or share your username and password, misrepresent your identity or your affiliation with any entity & impersonate any person.

Electronic Communications

By registering, you have agreed that G.Liem will send electronic mails to you for the purpose of your transaction, about any of G.Liem’s products / services, advising you of changes or addition to this Site, or for such other purpose(s) as we deem appropriate.

Product Information

We always try our best to display all information & colors of our products as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display will be accurate and the colors you see on your screen may vary due to different settings, lighting, and subjectivity. As such, we do not accept claims pertaining to this matter.

Rental Specifics

This section applies for Rental Transactions only, where ownership of the product being rented remains on G.Liem. Rental is only available for addresses in Indonesia.

Rental Price & Rental Period

The rental price mentioned for each product is for the standard rental period which is up to 4 days, counted on the day you first receive the rented product. If you need more time, you could rent for longer period (up to 21 days) & the additional rental charge is 5% per additional day from the base rental price.

Rental Deposits

The payable rental deposit amounts to 50% of the final rental price.

Rental deposit will be returned within 2 working days after the rented product has been received. Late charges / Repair costs, if any, will be deducted from your rental deposit so long as it suffices. Any unpaid balance will be invoiced separately.

Returning Items

At the end of your rental, the rented product must be returned, at maximum, one day after the rental period ends.

For Surabaya and surrounding clients, the product(s) must have been received by D+1 at the latest.

For clients outside Surabaya, the product(s) must have been shipped by D+1 as documented by courier’s shipping notice.

Late Charges

Late charges amount to 10% per day of lateness, calculated from base rental price. This charge will occur if you return your rented product more than one day after your rental period has ended.

Late charges will be deducted from your rental deposit so long as it suffices. Any unpaid balance will be invoiced separately.

Rental Cancellation Policy

Please check our most recent Cancellation Policy here

Risk of Loss / Damages

All items rented / purchased from G.Liem are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss &/or damages for such item(s) pass on to you upon our delivery to third party courier. Therefore:

    • Any loss due to negligence, theft or any other causes from your part, will forfeit your Rental Deposit & we will bill you the remaining difference from the item(s) selling price
    • Any loss due to shipping may be claimed to the courier if you were covered by shipping insurance
    • Any repair costs that arise from repairable damage caused by you / during shipping, will be charged from your Rental Deposit so long as it suffices. Any unpaid balance will be invoiced separately. When the damage is beyond repair, you will be liable to pay up to the selling price of the product(s)

Shipping Insurance

Due to the transfer of Loss &/or Damage risks, G.Liem necessitates that all shipments are insured. Should you, for any reason, omit insurance upon returning; you will be fully liable to assume any liability that might arise.

If there was a claim that had to be made upon your return shipment, in accordance to the courier’s regulations, you would be obliged to initiate the claim to them. Your rental deposit will be hold temporarily until the claim is cleared.

If you failed to submit the claim within the 14 days period, your rental deposit would be forfeited and you would be billed the remaining difference from the item(s) selling price.

Payment Terms

  • For rental transactions with more than 30 days prior to the start of rental period:
    • 50% down payment from nett rental price is due at the time of transaction
    • 50% final payment + rental deposit + shipping cost + insurance is due 14 days prior to rental start
  • For rental transactions with less than 30 days prior to the start of rental period:
    • Full payment of rental price + rental deposit + shipping cost + insurance is due at the time of transaction
  • For any purchase transactions:
    • Full payment of purchase price + shipping cost at the time of transaction
  • Purchased or rented item(s) will be processed for delivery only when payment has been fully completed. We are not responsible for late delivery due to late payment. If payment was not completed up to the starting date of rental where proper efforts for collection have been made, we shall consider that you have abandoned this transaction and hence this contract will be aborted & your rental down payment will lapse.

Limitations of Liability

  • We guarantee that we will send the right article as per your order in a timely manner. Lateness &/or damage by courier, however, is beyond our control
  • You agree to indemnify and hold G.Liem harmless from and against any and all third-party claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising out of, based on or in connection with your access &/or use of this Site and your transactions
  • The maximum limit of G.Liem’s liability that might arise will not be more than the amount of money that you have paid to us (excluding rental deposit and shipping cost, if any)
  • You agree to release G.Liem of any responsibilities in circumstances beyond our control like pandemic, fire, earthquake, flood & other natural disasters, shipment disturbance, embargo, riots & terrorism


G.Liem assumes no responsibility for accuracy, correctness, timeliness or content of the information provided in this Site. You should not assume that the materials on this Site are continuously updated or otherwise contain current information.

G.Liem is not responsible for supplying content / materials that have expired or have been removed.

Applicable Laws

These Terms & Conditions are governed by the law in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

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